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United States Of America Travel News

American food 101: Iconic dishes to eat while you're in the U.S. - Food & Wine Travel News

The U.S is a vast and diverse place, as shown by its impressive collection of National Parks, regional accents and varying cuisines. It's also a country known worldwide for its penchant for indulging in said cuisine, and we can't really blame them - the foo.. Read more

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Make a weaker dollar work overseas - Brasil Travel News

The value of the Aussie dollar, though recently high, is down to a four-year low. Currently valued at US87c, it is expected to decline to as little as US77c by next year. Though this might sound dismal for travellers, fear not: there are plenty of wa.. Read more

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What it's like to fly aboard Air Force One - Travel Travel News

In May 2014, President Barack Obama made his milestone 1,000th trip aboard Air Force One. It may just be another routine day for the leader of the free world, but to most of earth's population, it's an inconceivable experience. Only the most important names in t.. Read more

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Evil clowns are stalking the streets of Southern California - Los Angeles Travel News

Just in time for Halloween, Southern California is welcoming a few delightfully sinister characters to its streets: evil murder clowns. The faint of heart may shrink away in terror, but Aussies with a sense of humor and an interest in the eerie should make their way to .. Read more

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Art Institute of Chicago named best museum in the world - Chicago Travel News

As a world-class city, Chicago is home to a stunning array of historical and cultural institutions, from the Field Museum to the Museum of Science and Industry. These establishments are filled with once-lost treasures and some of the most beautiful and intricate creatio.. Read more

Read more about : Chicago

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