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What's with New York's mysterious eternal flame? - New York Travel News

Aussie travellers making their way to New York may want to take a little side-trip to check out a perplexing natural feature. Located in the suburb of Buffalo is one of the strangest wonders of the state: a flickering flame that stays lit all on its own.

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The Verruckt to become the world's biggest water slide - United States of America Travel News

For most, a day at the pool is a leisurely and enjoyable outing. However, people who visit the Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark in the U.S. state of Kansas will soon be confronted with a scary experience. The park is currently working on constructing what might just .. Read more

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Break out the tissues: Mother writes a heartwarming letter to daughter's seatmate - US Airways Travel News

Travel news is all too often full of disheartening stories of disgruntled seatmates and peeved passengers, so it's always a delight to hear a heartwarming story. Shanell Mouland and her three-year-old daughter Kate, who has autism, were on a US Airways flight flying.. Read more

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Southwest Airlines flight touches down at wrong airport - Flights Travel News

Vacationers who have a delay in their travel plans may have their delays due to things beyond equipment problems and weather during the Northern Hemisphere's winter - for some, it may be due to faulty directions.

On January 12, a flight slated to depart from Chicago&.. Read more

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Will Las Vegas have the world's biggest Ferris wheel? - Las Vegas Travel News

Some travellers will go just about any distance to experience the world's most stand-out features. It's not shocking news that Australians are fans of oversized attractions - that's why we have Coffs Harbour's Big Banana and Toowoomba's Big Sausage K.. Read more

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