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New York hotel erects Lego wall to cover construction - New York Travel News

When most public buildings are undergoing construction, they put up tarps and signs that read, "pardon our dust." But in new York City, one hotel is taking a different approach. According to Conde Nast Traveler, Midtown Manhattan's Yotel near Times Square .. Read more

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What's with New York's mysterious eternal flame? - New York Travel News

Aussie travellers making their way to New York may want to take a little side-trip to check out a perplexing natural feature. Located in the suburb of Buffalo is one of the strangest wonders of the state: a flickering flame that stays lit all on its own.

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The Verruckt to become the world's biggest water slide - United States of America Travel News

For most, a day at the pool is a leisurely and enjoyable outing. However, people who visit the Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark in the U.S. state of Kansas will soon be confronted with a scary experience. The park is currently working on constructing what might just .. Read more

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Break out the tissues: Mother writes a heartwarming letter to daughter's seatmate - US Airways Travel News

Travel news is all too often full of disheartening stories of disgruntled seatmates and peeved passengers, so it's always a delight to hear a heartwarming story. Shanell Mouland and her three-year-old daughter Kate, who has autism, were on a US Airways flight flying.. Read more

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Southwest Airlines flight touches down at wrong airport - Flights Travel News

Vacationers who have a delay in their travel plans may have their delays due to things beyond equipment problems and weather during the Northern Hemisphere's winter - for some, it may be due to faulty directions.

On January 12, a flight slated to depart from Chicago&.. Read more

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