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South Africa Travel News

Luxurious treehouse getaways - Beach & Islands Travel News

Remember when you were an ankle biter, longing to live in a treehouse? Indulge in your childhood fantasy and book an adventure travel holiday at one of these treehouse hotels. These vacation spots offer beautiful scenery and a quiet escape from a hectic schedu.. Read more

Read more about : England, South Africa, Beach & Islands, Adventure, Luxury, Holidays

All-inclusive cruises to love - Beach & Islands Travel News

You shouldn't have to worry about nickel and diming on vacation - who can relax when all you're thinking about is how much something is going to cost? Luckily, there are several all-inclusive cruise vacations that allow you to enjoy all of the finer things in li.. Read more

Read more about : Canada, Italy, South Africa, Thailand, United States of America, Beach & Islands, Romance, Food & Wine, Family, Packages

Adventurous vacation destinations for thrill-seekers - Adventure Travel News

If roller coasters, skydiving and underwater encounters with some of the largest beasts around is right up your alley, then these adventure travel experiences may be just what you're looking for! Your heart rate will likely increase during these wild activities.. Read more

Read more about : South Africa, Spain, Adventure, Las Vegas

Get to know the real South Africa in Cape Town - Cape Town Travel News

To many Australians, South Africa remains a mysterious and enigmatic destination. With a rich history and some of the most impressive scenery in the world, South Africa is the perfect place for Australians searching for their next adventure travel trip. Globetrotting je.. Read more

Read more about : Cape Town

Face one of nature's deadliest predators in Cape Town - Cape Town Travel News

Few creatures command such fear and respect as the shark. These mighty predators are near-perfect killing machines, ruling the seas and inspiring generations of films, books and urban legends. Fearless Aussies looking for something a little different from their next adv.. Read more

Read more about : Cape Town

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