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Smoking passenger restrained, arrested during flight - Emirates Travel News

In 2013, there were many accounts of unruly passengers, from the Whitney Houston songstress who caused an emergency landing to the psychotic Spirit Airlines flyer who spent the flight screaming about bombs. And this year's list of unusual in-air occurrences has alre.. Read more

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Airplane flies into lightning over Brisbane Airport - Emirates Travel News

On Dec. 29, Queensland was swept over by a series of dangerous thunderstorms. The weather conditions caused delays for many flights at Brisbane Airport as ramp, servicing and boarding areas had to be closed down for safety reasons. However, an Emirates plane was in.. Read more

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Delta Airlines accidentally gives out anti-gay ticket - Flights Travel News

While most people are irked by long lines and angry at delays, one passenger recently had a completely different reason to be upset at the airport. According to The Washington Post, a traveller was shocked to notice that his boarding pass for a Delta Air Lines flight co.. Read more

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Have you ever heard of the world's best airport? - Flights Travel News

If you've ever read the travel news headlines, you've probably noticed that there are a lot of "best of" lists naming the top airports in various categories. The biggest names in air travel, like London Heathrow Airport and Emirates Airline, usually ma.. Read more

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In-flight fight revealed to be a hoax - US Airways Travel News

In late November, 2013, The Australian reported on a mid-air tiff between TV producer Elan Gale and a fellow passenger named Diane. The argument purportedly took place on Thanksgiving Day on US Airways flight and involved the passing of some nasty notes between the two .. Read more

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