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Australian experts join MH17 investigation team - Malaysia Airlines Travel News

Since the tragic crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, the world has been desperately trying to figure out just what - or rather who - caused the plane to go down, killing 298 people. It has been confirmed that a surface-to-air missile struck the plane before it came .. Read more

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Malaysia Airlines retires MH17 flight number, offers refunds - Malaysia Airlines Travel News

The July 17 crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was a massive tragedy that left the world grieving for the nearly 300 people from around the globe who were lost that day. The incident also had a huge toll on the carrier, which has taken the headlines twice in the pas.. Read more

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Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 shot down over Ukraine - Malaysia Airlines Travel News

It's been only a few months since Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared and was discovered to have crashed into the Indian Ocean on its way to Beijing, and now another tragedy has struck the airline. According to The Guardian, Flight MH17 crashed near the borde.. Read more

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United Airlines flight makes emergency landing due to odour - United Airlines Travel News

Planes are often filled with unpleasant smells, and frequent flyers learn to deal with the odours of their seat mates. But an unusual aroma - the smell of electronics burning - aboard a United Airlines flight on July 11 forced the aircraft to divert.

According to CN.. Read more

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Drunk passenger forces flight back to Perth airport - Virgin Atlantic Travel News

A few drinks can make a plane ride a more relaxing experience, but in this case, they created an unfortunate situation for everyone. A Virgin Australia flight was forced to return to Perth when an inebriated traveller became abusive toward other passengers and crewmembe.. Read more

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