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Airline employee reminisces about party ride on Virgin's first flight - Virgin Atlantic Travel News

Virgin Airline's very first flight took place June 20, 1984, when the aircraft flew from London to New York. One of the men aboard the plane that day was employee David Tait, and he celebrated the momentous day in history by penning a letter to Sir Richard Branson, .. Read more

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The case of the missing plane ticket - Delta Travel News

The world of travel news can sometimes be a strange and mysterious place, such as with the case of the plane ticket that seemed to vanish in thin air. At least, that's what the situation seemed like to American Karen Smith, who was booked to fly home with her family.. Read more

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Man triggers airport fire alarm to stop plane from leaving him behind - British Airways Travel News

There are few things more stressful than barely missing your flight and watching the plane take off from a nearby window. Most people take the situation with grace and simply book the next one out. But one passenger was so desperate to keep his British Ai.. Read more

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Air traffic fail: Controller's joke sends plane circling airport - Delta Travel News

There's a right and a wrong time for joking around, and this is a clear case of the latter. On June 11, an air traffic controller in Georgia, U.S., was goofing around with the pilot of Delta Flight 630, but the humour went awry when it ended up causing the aircraft .. Read more

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American Airlines to get its first Boeing 787 - American Airlines Travel News

For decades, the Boeing 767 was the favourite long-range jet airliner of the air travel industry. It has excellent performance quality and a solid track record for safety, which is why many people said, "why fix what's not broken," when Boeing introduced i.. Read more

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