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China Travel News

Disabled tourists have more options than ever for adventure travel - Adventure Travel News

Some travellers who are disabled may become frustrated at the lack of accommodations many landmarks and attractions have for them. However, if Aussie travellers have thought about taking a domestic trip in the future, they may be pleased to know that many destinations D.. Read more

Read more about : Australia, United States of America, Adventure, Family, Beijing, Dubai

Large hotel chain announces plans for custom Chinese brand with unique features - Hotels Travel News

When Aussie travellers decide to visit China in the future, they will soon have some new options for luxury travel experiences. The famous hotel band InterContinential has been looking toward this country in hopes of creating some new accommodations specifically for t.. Read more

Read more about : China, Hotels, Holidays, Beijing, Shanghai

Countries promote travel booms throughout the world - China Travel News

Many countries know that tourism can be a successful way to boost the economy and introduce new travellers to cultures and traditions. Destinations across the globe are using 2012 as the year to revamp their offerings when it come to the travel and tourism industry, inc.. Read more

Read more about : China, Thailand, United States of America

Officials welcome travellers to Great Barrier Reef for this year's solar eclipse - Cairns Travel News

When travellers visit new locales that are more remote, they often are able to look upon the night sky and see the stars and planets that cannot be viewed in more urban settings. Trying out some beginner's astronomy may be a great activity to do while on an adventur.. Read more

Read more about : Australia, China, United States of America, Cairns, Beijing, Los Angeles

Commercial flights worldwide are safer than ever - Flights Travel News

Some Aussie travellers who have thought of taking a big trip abroad may feel apprehensive if they are anxious about flying. The fear of airplanes is a common stress many tourists have when they take flights, especially long ones over the ocean or during inclement weathe.. Read more

Read more about : Australia, Brasil, China, England, United States of America, Flights

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