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China Travel News

Tibet experiences surge of foreign visitors - Adventure Travel News

The autonomous region of China known as Tibet has been receiving an increase of foreign visitors recently, many of which are looking for a unique and exciting holiday destination. Aussies who want to experience an adventure travel excursion in the future can join the ot.. Read more

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Beijing discusses promotional visa waiver program - Beijing Travel News

Aussie travellers who have considered a trip to Beijing, China, may have an easier time doing so in the future with a new unique promotion. Officials from the capital city are contemplating a special visa waiver timeframe so foreign visitors can be granted access to the.. Read more

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Australians seeks out one-of-a-kind holiday experiences - Australia Travel News

When Aussies choose their getaways, they often look for unique destinations and activities to experience during their trip. This trend toward alternative getaways was researched by luxury travel specialist company Adams & Butler, which specialises in organised exped.. Read more

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Australia works with Asia to provide more efficient airline services - Beijing Travel News

Aussies travelling throughout the country and to foreign destinations may be seeing some vast changes at major airports in the near future. Officials from Tourism Australia and other organisations in the industry are working toward solutions that will help increase inte.. Read more

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Disabled tourists have more options than ever for adventure travel - Adventure Travel News

Some travellers who are disabled may become frustrated at the lack of accommodations many landmarks and attractions have for them. However, if Aussie travellers have thought about taking a domestic trip in the future, they may be pleased to know that many destinations D.. Read more

Read more about : Australia, United States of America, Adventure, Family, Beijing, Dubai

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