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Beijing Travel News

Savor some time on the ice while on holiday - Beijing Travel News

One classic winter pastime that has been enjoyed for centuries by those residing in and visiting the chillier regions of the world is ice skating. Nowadays, travelers can have a good time with this activity in both hot and cold areas across the globe, although it still .. Read more

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Smartphone apps to enrich an Asian holiday - Beijing Travel News

When exploring parts of Asia, many Aussies may not know where to start in this vast and exotic location. Upon arrival, the foreign languages and new cultural encounters can be a great deal to handle at once. Fortunately, modern technology can now help tourists better un.. Read more

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International tourism makes great strides, adds to success of 2010 with good start to 2011 - Buenos Aires Travel News

Flights to Buenos Aires and Hong Kong holidays may have replaced the old European and American vacations that tourists used to take, but this type of rerouted travelling has spurred the international tourism market.

In the wake of the many natural disasters and .. Read more

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A cowboy rodeo in China? You betcha! - Beijing Travel News

Aussies interested in seeing American rodeos without traveling to the States should consider a trip to Beijing, where the first annual Rodeo China will take place this October.

Hosted in the famous Bird's Nest Stadium (used during the 2008 Summer Olympics), Rodeo C.. Read more

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Chinese museum re-opens after three-year refurbishment - Beijing Travel News

The National Museum of China has reopened after three years of massive renovations, reports the Huffington Post.

According to Xinhua News, there are now 49 galleries filled with approximately 1 million cultural artifacts, allegedly making it the largest museum in the w.. Read more

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