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Check out how city dwellers live on an urban holiday

Posted on Monday 01 August 2011 in Brasil, Sydney, Paris, Venice



Check out how city dwellers live on an urban holiday - Sydney Travel News

Guidebooks and experts are wonderful tools to help travelers understand and explore a city to its fullest potential. However, sometimes it's fun to leave the smartphones and guides at the hotel and let the destination itself inspire some spontaneous adventure travel. Lonely Planet reports on the most ideal places to satisfy a tourist's wanderlust.

Istanbul, Turkey, does have its busy areas filled with camera-laden tourists and vendors selling kitschy souvenirs, but a few blocks outside the main downtown area visitors will find some quiet places for traditional tea and conversation. Local parks in the city' various neighborhoods are also a great escape from noise and crowds.

Venice, Italy, may boast some of the most delicious eateries and interesting sights to see that have yet to be discovered by tourists. There are so many side streets and alleyways to explore that it may take a while to get unlost, but the journey is worth the reward. Travelers may even be able to snap photos of canals and waterways without other tourists blocking the shots.

While getting lost and wandering the streets of a new favorite city, travelers may want to keep an open eye for the more non-traditional sites. Street art to some may just be graffiti, but to others it can be a free and soulful look into art's ability to beautify or change an urban sprawl. Travel and Leisure reports on the most innovative cities that are taking street art seriously.

Sao Paulo, Brazil's artists were creating art before it went mainstream to make political points about their disapproval of government regulations. Nowadays, these small rebellious acts still occur alongside other illustrations of people and objects. Some stencilers have been able to create entire murals on city blocks.

The narrow and sometimes eerie alleyways in Sydney, Australia, are a street artist's playground for crafting some beautifully memorable pieces. Lucky travelers can spot images of superheroes or models by notorious local spray painters Anthony Lister and Rone.

Some of the street artists in Paris utilize a method of pasting pre-made portraits of everyday people and life. Blek le Rat was one of the first to try this renegade art movement and he still leaves new marks in this city today.

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