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Tampa, Florida, becomes fourth U.S. city to offer flights to Cuba - Beach & Islands Travel News

Another U.S. city has opened up its airport to allow transportation between America and Cuba - the fourth to do so since President Barack Obama lifted an embargo that prevented travelers from visiting the Caribbean country.

Tampa, Florida, will begin arranging charter .. Read more

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Food tours in Italy celebrate sustainability and great regional cuisine - Italy Travel News

Starting in April, travelers can take culinary tours of different regions in Italy, giving them the opportunity to try some of the country's greatest foods.

The focus of these tours is to showcase the many communities that use only traditional and sustainable produ.. Read more

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Healthy travel tips for passengers on airplanes - Flights Travel News

When Aussie travelers depart on international journeys, chances are their flight is longer than three or four hours, meaning they need to take care of their bodies while sitting on the plane. MSNBC has come up with a list of "10 tips to stay healthy and happy on lo.. Read more

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Unique Paris hotels offer worldly charm without emptying the wallet - Paris Travel News

In the City of Lights, romance is usually considered more important than planning a budget. Fortunately, however, there are several under-the-radar hotels that exude opulence and won't cost travelers more than $200 a night, reports MSNBC.

On a hillside near Montmar.. Read more

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Springtime in Colorado is musical, floral and transcendent - Events Travel News

Aussie travelers who may be missing spring and summer already should consider booking a last-minute trip to Colorado, where the weather is warming up and the flowers have already started to bloom.

Of course, there's still a chance of snow, so perhaps a trip in May .. Read more

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