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Air New Zealand Boeing transforms into

All over Australia and New Zealand, movie fans are preparing for the Dec. 12 release of "The Hobbit: Desolation of the Smaug." But one airline carrier is also getting ready for the debut - to celebrate the new film, Air New Zealand has unveiled an aircraft dis.. Read more

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Northern Territory named among top destinations in the world - Australia Travel News

Australia is filled with excellent vacation destinations, from Sydney to Cairns, but one locale has recently taken the spotlight. On Nov. 21, National Geographic Traveler magazine announced its choices for the yearly Best of the World list. The selection includes 20 des.. Read more

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Dubai dubbed top travel destination on earth - Dubai Travel News

In late November 2013, the beautiful city of Dubai was chosen to host the 2020 World Expo, making it the first Middle Eastern locale to host the convention in the history of the event. But the city got even more good news on Nov. 30, when it was dubbed the "World&#.. Read more

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Boeing issues icing warnings for Dreamliners and 747-8 - Flights Travel News

Plane maker Boeing warned carriers that fly the company's jets to be advised of an icing risk on the new 747-8 and 787 Dreamliners with engines made by General Electric. According to Reuters, 15 carriers were warned to avoid flying the planes near hig.. Read more

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Etihad Airways flight makes emergency landing at Brisbane Airport - Etihad Airways Travel News

An Etihad Airways plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Brisbane Airport November 20 after a flight deck instrument failure, the Brisbane Times reported. Flight EY473 was en route to Singapore when the pilots made the mayday calls just east of Brisb.. Read more

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Automation causing pilots to lose flying skills - Flights Travel News

Automation and technological advances have caused pilots to lose their flying skills, according to a new U.S. government and industry report titled "Operational Use of Flight Path Management Systems." According to Bloomberg, the report stated that airlines nee.. Read more

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Dreamlifter lands at wrong Kansas airport - Flights Travel News

A Dreamlifter cargo plane landed at the wrong airport in Kansas City. According to the Kansas City Star, the pilot was supposed to land at McConnell Air Force Base but instead went 14 kilometres north to Jabara Airport in Wichita. After landing at McConne.. Read more

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$1.2 million found in airplane bathroom - Chennai Travel News

Cleaners found 24 gold bars worth $1.2 million in the lavatory of an airplane after the jet landed in eastern India, according to The Australian. The plane arrived from Bangkok and belonged to private carrier Jet Airways. The plane was being cleaned at Kolkata airp.. Read more

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European Aviation Safety Agency relaxes electronic device regulations - Flights Travel News

Following the new guidelines by the Federal Aviation Administration, the European Aviation Safety Agency will now allow passengers to use electronic devices during flights. Beginning in December, passengers will be able to leave on mobile phones and other electronics du.. Read more

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Seats in economy class are getting smaller -  Travel News

If you felt a bit cramped on your domestic flights to Cairns or international flights to London, there is a reason why: Seats in economy class are getting smaller, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.According to the source, economy seats used to measure around 81 ce.. Read more

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