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Real-life castaway returns to land - Travel Travel News

Anyone who has seen the movie "Castaway" knows the story. A man goes on a trip only to find himself lost and alone. But this piece of fiction became reality when a Mexican fisherman washed ashore in late January after spending more than a year adrift at sea.In.. Read more

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Could dredge sludge dumping be the end of the Great Barrier Reef? - Australia Travel News

Aussie travellers don't have to go far to discover one of the world's most magnificent underwater features - the Great Barrier Reef on the northeast coast of the country is the most extensive coral reef system on earth. It has more than 400 different types of co.. Read more

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Terrified travellers jump from sinking ship - Phuket Travel News

Most travellers have fairly pleasant experiences - whether you're driving, flying or going by boat, people tend to get to their destinations without any major problems. But sometimes things go wrong, such as when a boat full of passengers in Thailand sank.On Jan. 29.. Read more

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Strange body part attractions from around the globe - Travel Travel News

Aussie travellers are always looking for the next weird thing, whether its the Island of the Dolls or a museum dedicated entirely to collecting locks of hair. So they'll be delighted to hear that News.com.au published a roundup of strange monuments from all over the.. Read more

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$1.5 million in gold smuggled aboard plane - Chennai Travel News

Travellers often try to sneak unusual things aboard planes, from exotic animals to illegal contraband. A recent story tells about a more expensive smuggling situation - some $1.5 million worth of gold bars was found in the bathroom of a commercial airplane in India.Acco.. Read more

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New York hotel erects Lego wall to cover construction - New York Travel News

When most public buildings are undergoing construction, they put up tarps and signs that read, "pardon our dust." But in new York City, one hotel is taking a different approach. According to Conde Nast Traveler, Midtown Manhattan's Yotel near Times Square .. Read more

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What are the most hated cities on earth? - Travel Travel News

When travellers visit an unfamiliar city, they're exposed to the cultural differences and unique traditions of that locale. That's the reason why many people travel - for new experiences and exposure to other customs. Every destination has something to offer; ho.. Read more

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Italian art exhibit features stolen masterpieces and artifacts -  Travel News

Art theft is a major issue in Italy, which is why the country's police force has a special unit dedicated to busting art crooks and recovering stolen works. To showcase the successes of the police unit, the Quirinal Palace in Rome is hosting a unique exhibit that di.. Read more

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What's with New York's mysterious eternal flame? - New York Travel News

Aussie travellers making their way to New York may want to take a little side-trip to check out a perplexing natural feature. Located in the suburb of Buffalo is one of the strangest wonders of the state: a flickering flame that stays lit all on its own.It'.. Read more

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RyanAir passengers revolt against plane crew - Paris Travel News

With long delays, lengthy lines and the hassle of check-in, it's easy to become aggravated with air travel. For the most part, passengers keep their emotions in check and show self-control., but That wasn't the case with flyers aboard a RyanAir plane.Accord.. Read more

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