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Fitness travel flexing its muscles worldwide - Venice Travel News

Many travellers complain about the post-holiday bulge - it's common to put on a few pounds after eating a bit more decadently while on a trip. However, a growing number of travellers are combining their favourite fitness activities with their holiday planning, accor.. Read more

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Cheap gap year destinations to combat rising school fees - Adventure Travel News

The gap year before uni is something many students look forward to, but with rising fees and costs recently announced for many schools, some students are opting out of their travel plans to save a few extra dollars for their courses and tuition costs.According.. Read more

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National September 11 Memorial Museum to open May 21 - New York Travel News

After the events of 9/11 and the long process of national grieving, the U.S. took to the task of honouring the heroes and victims of one of the biggest tragedies in America's history. There was much debate over the proper way to commemorate the nearly 3,000 people w.. Read more

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Crash of Air France Flight 447 caused by human error - Air France Travel News

On June 1, 2009, Air France Flight 447 was travelling from Rio de Janeiro to Paris when it went missing over the Atlantic Ocean. The Airbus A330 craft carried 216 passengers as well as 12 crew members, none of whom survived. It took the carrier a whopping six hours afte.. Read more

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Rob Lowe taunts Air Canada's new Rogue airline - Air Canada Travel News

In summer 2013, Air Canada began offering flights through its new carrier, Rogue. The leisure airline is intended to be a chic and affordable alternative to Air Canada's other passenger options. The airline boasts an array of top amenities, from wireless Intern.. Read more

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Sao Paulo police warn tourists not to scream when robbed - Brasil Travel News

Whether in a hometown or visiting an unfamiliar destination, anyone's first instinct when getting robbed would be to yell for help. But in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where the FIFA World Cup will be held in 2014, the police have made an unusual request of visitors.. Read more

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Will 3-D printing change the way we travel? - Travel Travel News

One of the biggest nuisances involving travel is luggage. Anyone who has had to hunt down their lost suitcase, been charged a fee for going over the baggage weight limit or dealt with any of the other plethora of issues that arise with luggage knows how unpleasant .. Read more

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Los Angeles airport getting makeover - Los Angeles Travel News

If you've entered the U.S. through the West Coast, there's a good chance you've passed through Los Angeles International Airport, the largest hub for the region. One of the first things many passengers notice is the unappealing interior, followed quickly by .. Read more

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Malaysian waterfall site to ban men - Malaysia Travel News

There are plenty of places that are just for men, from Australia's male social clubs to Greece's holy Mount Athos. But women will be glad to hear that they're getting a place all their own as well: a waterfall in Northeast Malaysia.According to the Daily Mai.. Read more

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Could the paperclip concept solve the middle armrest dilemma? - Travel Travel News

Anyone who has sat beside someone else on a plane - or at the movie theatre - has come across the middle armrest issue. Elbow battles have long determined who gets to use the armrest in these situations, but the dilemma may be seeing its final days with the develop.. Read more

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