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Why would Dubai wrap the Burj tower in cling wrap? - Dubai Travel News

Many travellers visit Dubai for the chance to see one of mankind's most impressive architectural feats: the Burj Khalifa. This tower is the tallest in the world, standing about 828 metres in the air and containing more than 160 storeys. The magnificent structure has.. Read more

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Woman listed as top tourist attraction on TripAdvisor - Glasgow Travel News

Quirky and unusual attractions are all the rage these days. From massive mangoes to human hair museums, eccentric tourist sites attract people from all around the world, and many talk about their experiences on the popular site TripAdvisor. Recently, one woman became am.. Read more

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London streets flooded with poo - Australia Travel News

London is a delightful city known for its rich culture, deep-rooted history and vibrant energy. But the small neighbourhood of Kennington will now be known for something much less appealing: poo.Late on the night of Feb. 27, a water main burst in the south London c.. Read more

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TripAdvisor announces list of world's best island destinations - Travel Travel News

Aussie travellers are always looking for the next best place to visit, from ancient sites to snow-swept ski resorts. But island destinations can be some of the most difficult ones to select, since almost any location with pristine sands and warm waters sounds alluring. .. Read more

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Massive Buddha to join Australia's family of

There's been a lot of talk lately about Australia's "big things." These massive, kitschy attractions are adored by locals and tourists alike, but structures such as Bowen's Big Mango have been the target of bandits and hooligans. However, there'.. Read more

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Big Mango theft revealed to be a stunt - Australia Travel News

The story of the disappearance of the Big Mango has been stealing the headlines lately. In the early morning of Feb. 24, Bowen's massive mango was unbolted from its foundation and stolen with the help of a mobile crane by a group of bandits. A closed-caption televis.. Read more

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Bandits get away with Bowen's Big Mango - Australia Travel News

Australia's oversized roadside attractions are a source of pride. There are more than 150 "big things" situated throughout the country, from the Big Ant in Broken Hill to the massive crocodile in Wyndham, each serving as a highlight for their respective ho.. Read more

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Step into the ring with a real Thai inmate at this unique event - Thailand Travel News

For some Aussies, seeking out the most outrageous travel plans is a thrill in itself. From climbing the lofty peaks of ' Mount Everest to crossing the 3,020-metre-high Titlis Cliff Walk in the Swiss Alps, there are plenty of opportunities for exhilarating experience.. Read more

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Quiet travel movement takes hold in Italy - Italy Travel News

Many travellers enjoy going on vacation to get away from the stresses of everyday life. However, with technology now able to transition between borders, staying connected to work and responsibilities back home can limit the relaxation opportunities during your holiday. .. Read more

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Lonely Planet announces top places to stay around the globe - Hotels Travel News

Aussies who travel to unfamiliar destinations know how hard it can be to locate a quality hotel for the stay. That's why online travel guide Lonely Planet has done the research to compose its list of the top 10 extraordinary places to stay in 2014. It's the site.. Read more

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