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Disney makes policy changes for disabled guests - Anaheim Travel News

A new policy change at Disneyland and Walt Disney World means individuals with disabilities will no longer be allowed to go to the front of the lines for rides as of October 9. According to NBC, park officials altered the rules in response to an increasing abu.. Read more

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Singapore Airlines upgrades its already luxurious planes - Flights Travel News

Singapore Airlines flights just got a whole lot better. The airline is already one of the most luxurious and well-loved in the world, but their latest release of the Boeing 777-300ER is unlike any other. According to USA Today, the first delivery of the planes occu.. Read more

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Snake discovered on Australian plane - Sydney Travel News

Passengers onboard a plane preparing for a flight to Tokyo from Sydney were stranded in the city after a snake was discovered in the cabin. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the snake measured 20 centimetres long and was as wide as a ball-point pen. Traveller.. Read more

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Titanic replica tested in Germany - New York Travel News

Australian Clive Palmer is building a replica of the infamous Titanic, which will be built to resemble the original vessel that sailed in 1912. The Titanic II is expected to make its maiden voyage in 2016 and will venture from Southampton, England, to New York City.. Read more

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London travel tips from an insider - London Travel News

If you've already booked your London flight, then read up on some of these travel tips from an insider to learn the ins and outs of the city before you arrive. Before you start wandering around in a cab or on foot, look into London's public transportation s.. Read more

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Airlines warned about active volcano - Indonesia Travel News

If you'll be flying over Indonesia on your way to a Madrid holiday, your flight may be diverted. After a volcano recently erupted, more than 15,000 residents have evacuated the area, according to the Associated Press.As a result of the newly active volcano, an aviat.. Read more

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Top European destinations - Adventure Travel News

Due to its history and beauty, Europe is a popular destination for travellers. There are several up-and-coming spots across the continent, so a holiday may be in order. Top 10 European cities Of course, popular cities such as Paris, Munich, Amsterdam and even a Lo.. Read more

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Tour Saint-Jacques open to public - Paris Travel News

Travellers on Paris holidays can enjoy the Tour Saint-Jacques, for the next two months anyway. According to Reuters, the building, which has been closed for most of its 500-year history, will be open to the public for a two-month experiment. The Tour Saint-Jacques .. Read more

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New Boeing aircraft makes first flight -  Travel News

Boeing's latest version of the Dreamliner completed its first flight September 17 after it flew for more than five hours, according to CNN. The newest plane is a larger version of the 787-8, called the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner​, which is 20 feet longer than its .. Read more

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Bombardier CSeries makes first successful flight - Flights Travel News

The Bombardier CSeries jetliner flew its first successful flight September 16, according to Reuters. The jetliner is expected to emerge as a competitor to Airbus and Boeing because of its narrow body.Reuters said the CS100 is the first plane of two to be revealed i.. Read more

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