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Dreamlifter lands at wrong Kansas airport - Flights Travel News

A Dreamlifter cargo plane landed at the wrong airport in Kansas City. According to the Kansas City Star, the pilot was supposed to land at McConnell Air Force Base but instead went 14 kilometres north to Jabara Airport in Wichita. After landing at McConne.. Read more

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$1.2 million found in airplane bathroom - Chennai Travel News

Cleaners found 24 gold bars worth $1.2 million in the lavatory of an airplane after the jet landed in eastern India, according to The Australian. The plane arrived from Bangkok and belonged to private carrier Jet Airways. The plane was being cleaned at Kolkata airp.. Read more

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European Aviation Safety Agency relaxes electronic device regulations - Flights Travel News

Following the new guidelines by the Federal Aviation Administration, the European Aviation Safety Agency will now allow passengers to use electronic devices during flights. Beginning in December, passengers will be able to leave on mobile phones and other electronics du.. Read more

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Seats in economy class are getting smaller -  Travel News

If you felt a bit cramped on your domestic flights to Cairns or international flights to London, there is a reason why: Seats in economy class are getting smaller, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.According to the source, economy seats used to measure around 81 ce.. Read more

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Orders placed at Dubai Airshow - Flights Travel News

Several aviation deals were made at the Dubai Airshow after it kicked off November 17. The event was held at Al Maktoum airport and resulted in $192.3 billion worth of orders for commercial planes on the first day, CNN reported. The orders set a new record from the.. Read more

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Virgin Atlantic flies home man considered too fat - Flights Travel News

Kevin Chenais, the 22-year-old who was stranded in the U.S. with his family after British Airways said he was too fat to fly home, has been transported back to Europe by Virgin Atlantic. Agence France-Press said the family was to take the Queen Mary back across the Atla.. Read more

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American Airlines plane evacuated after bomb threat - Flights Travel News

Passengers were evacuated after a bomb threat was made against a flight at Port Columbus International Airport in Ohio. According to USA Today, The American Airlines jet was held on the ground and moved away from the airport terminal after it arrived from Dallas/Fort Wo.. Read more

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Tornadoes strike Midwestern U.S. - Chicago Travel News

At least six people were killed after a severe storm system moved through several Midwestern states in the U.S. According to The Guardian, tornadoes, strong wind gusts and hail pounded 10 states and threatened 53 million people. Tens of thousands lost power once th.. Read more

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Plane crash in Russia kills all on board - Flights Travel News

Residents in the Russian republic of Tartarstan were mourning the death of those killed in a plane crash November 17. Regional President Rustam Minikhanov lost his son in the crash that killed all 50 on board, according to CNN. Tthe aircraft was approachi.. Read more

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Gunman opens fire in Paris - Paris Travel News

A manhunt is underway after a gunman opened fire at a French newspaper office and a bank. According to CNN, the man walked into the lobby of the Liberation in Paris and fired two shots. A 27-year-old photographer's assistant was injured in the shooting. Ac.. Read more

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