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Tourism company proposes ballooning attraction to the top of Uluru - Alice Springs Travel News

If you've ever dreamt of looking down at the sprawling landscape from the top of Uluru but aren't up for all the climbing, you're in luck. According to News.com.au, Aussies and tourists may get a chance to perch themselves atop this magnificent sandstone for.. Read more

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What are the world's top theme parks? - Netherlands Travel News

Many Aussies travel to expose themselves to new cultures and learn about the people and history of unfamiliar locales. But sometimes, you just want to get out, have some fun and let their inner child frolic. That's why vacation search site Adioso set out t.. Read more

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Is Facebook a valid form of ID for travellers? - United States of America Travel News

Many frequent flyers have come across this scenario: You walk up to check-in to realise you've left your ID at home. It can be quite a hassle that often leads to missed flights, but one traveller in the U.S. found that he was able to use an unusual substitute f.. Read more

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Smoking passenger restrained, arrested during flight - Emirates Travel News

In 2013, there were many accounts of unruly passengers, from the Whitney Houston songstress who caused an emergency landing to the psychotic Spirit Airlines flyer who spent the flight screaming about bombs. And this year's list of unusual in-air occurrences has alre.. Read more

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Britain to charge tourists for health care - England Travel News

Britain utilises a universal health system that provides patients with care free of charge at the time of service, but this system is funded by the taxpayers. In an effort to lessen this tax burden and cut down on health care tourism, the UK government has announced tha.. Read more

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Man writes complaint letter about obese seatmate - Sydney Travel News

In recent years, there have been many accounts of overweight passengers being denied a seat on the plane or required to purchase tickets for the neighbouring seat. In fact, there have even been rumours that some airlines were considering charging a "fat tax" t.. Read more

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Pot legalisation in US expected to boost tourism - United States of America Travel News

For the most part, tourists are attracted to the United States for its top destinations, such as New York City, Chicago, Miami and Philadelphia. But two states are about to find themselves the apple of visitors' eye: Colorado and Washington. Travellers aren't co.. Read more

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Airplane flies into lightning over Brisbane Airport - Emirates Travel News

On Dec. 29, Queensland was swept over by a series of dangerous thunderstorms. The weather conditions caused delays for many flights at Brisbane Airport as ramp, servicing and boarding areas had to be closed down for safety reasons. However, an Emirates plane was in.. Read more

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Is this the weirdest travel attraction in the world? - Travel Travel News

There are plenty of unusual tourist spots in the world, from the eeriest Island of the Dolls in Mexico to human hair museum in Turkey. But a little-known attraction has taken the headlines as of late, and it might just take the cake: Pyramiden.Pyramiden is an abandoned .. Read more

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Sydney among the most expensive cities to spend New Year's - Sydney Travel News

Residents of Sydney may want to book a flight and get of of town for New Year's Eve. It turns out the Australian city is among the most expensive locales in the world to celebrate the end-of-year holiday.According to a report by accommodation search website Tri.. Read more

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