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Bangkok lifts red light district curfew - Bangkok Travel News

On May 22, the Thai army staged a coup that led to the implementation of a curfew over Bangkok's red light district. For nearly a month, the area, formally known as Patpong, had been forced to close early - initially the curfew was set for 10 p.m., but it was g.. Read more

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Air traffic fail: Controller's joke sends plane circling airport - Delta Travel News

There's a right and a wrong time for joking around, and this is a clear case of the latter. On June 11, an air traffic controller in Georgia, U.S., was goofing around with the pilot of Delta Flight 630, but the humour went awry when it ended up causing the aircraft .. Read more

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Midburn recreates Burning Man in Israel desert - Israel Travel News

Each year in August, the Black Rock Desert in Nevada becomes home to the Burning Man festival, a gathering focused on art, community building and radical self-expression. Now, Israel's Negev desert has its own version of Burning Man: Midburn.The name Midburn is a co.. Read more

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EasyJet reveals best and worst airplane seats - Travel Travel News

As Europe's leading air carrier, EasyJet has more than 200 passenger planes and serves some 60 million passengers each year. So the airline hears its fair share of comments and complaints, even when it comes to travellers least and most favourite seats on the plane... Read more

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Teen to break record with solo flight around the world - Travel Travel News

While most teenagers these days are stuck behind computer and phone screens, 19-year-old Matt Guthmiller is getting ready to break a world record during his summer vacation: taking a solo flight around the world.Guthmiller​, who is a freshman student at the Massach.. Read more

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Ryainair plane crashes into Ciampino airport fire station - Rome Travel News

Ryanair has called for an investigation into an incident that occurred at Ciampino - G.B. Pastine International Airport on June 4. The airline's Boeing 737 rolled backwards while in the Roman facility's lot, travelling 40 metres before crashing into the airport .. Read more

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Traveller survives python attack - Indonesia Travel News

As a professional conflict correspondent, Philip Smucker is used to dangerous situations. He's  been kidnapped and shot in war zones when aboard, to name a few. But the adventurer reported on a recent incident that turned out to be a little too risky .. Read more

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Mother Nature delays Australia's snow season - Australia Travel News

June is a beautiful time of year in Australia - the temperatures simmer down, flurries starts to accumulate in the higher altitudes and Aussies hit the outdoors for some snow sport excitement. Well, most of the time. The Queen's Birthday Long Weekend marks the .. Read more

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Is this the new solution to lost luggage? - Sydney Travel News

The frequent traveller has likely come across this unfortunate experience: Standing at the airport luggage carousel watching bags circle around only to find that your items are nowhere to be found. No one likes being stuck without their important personal.. Read more

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Celebrity chef Pete Evans runs from Chicago's haunted Congress Plaza Hotel - Hotels Travel News

You don't have to be a ghost hunter to know there's something otherworldly about the Congress Plaza Hotel. The nearly 900-room building offers posh accommodations and gorgeous view of the Windy City skyline, but the Chicago establishment has been widely regarded.. Read more

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