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Did naval forces find the missing Malaysia Airlines plane? - Malaysia Airlines Travel News

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has been missing for more than a month. The plane lost communication and disappeared off radar March 8 as it was flying over the Indian Ocean from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. In the weeks after the disappearance, there was much spec.. Read more

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Some travellers seek out the cheapest accommodations they can find, while others look for the most luxurious. But those searching the globe for strange hotels are in luck, because Conde Nast Traveler has compiled a list of the weirdest lodging places in the world, from .. Read more

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Istanbul named world's best travel destination by TripAdvisor - Istanbul Travel News

In 2013, Paris took the title for the best travel destination on the globe"Best Destinations in the World," according to TripAdvisor's Travellers' Choice Destinations awards. But this year, the premier French city has been knocked out of the top s.. Read more

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What are the world's best stopover airports? - Travel Travel News

Anyone who travels on a regular basis knows that being stuck in an unfamiliar location during a layover can be quite a hassle, but it doesn't have to stay that way. There are plenty of people who embrace the experience as a chance to discover a new locatio.. Read more

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Missing Malaysia Airlines flight becomes a criminal investigation - Malaysia Airlines Travel News

It's been nearly a month since Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 went missing, and though it's been discovered that the plane crashed into the Indian Ocean, the circumstances around the incident are still unknown. There have been many theories about why the plane w.. Read more

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Rabbi banned from Northwest Airlines frequent flyer program - Delta Travel News

Anyone who's been to an airport has experienced the over-complainer - a person who voices a negative opinion about everything they come across, from long lines to ticket prices. Even if you agree with what they're saying, it can be excruciating to watc.. Read more

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Boeing announces job cuts at its Melbourne manufacturing facility - Business Travel News

The Boeing Corporation recently announced that it will be cutting around 300 jobs at its manufacturing plant in Melbourne over the course of 2014. Currently, the plant employs around 1,300 Australians.The company claims that it has reached its targeted production rates .. Read more

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Flight-mate lovebirds reunited with the help of Twitter - American Airlines Travel News

There are plenty of disheartening stories involving air travel, from hostile crew members to downright mean passengers. But occasionally a story makes the headlines that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Such is the case with the account of two passengers who fe.. Read more

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The world's best destinations to trek by foot - Travel Travel News

Aussie travellers are always looking for the next best spot to explore, whether it's a quirky roadside attraction or the world's most luxurious hotel. Those seeking a great hiking expedition have a lot to choose from, which is why Expedia's Listopedia compil.. Read more

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Say goodbye to the world's most dangerous path - Malaga Travel News

El Caminito del Rey, also known as the King's Little Path, attracts travelers from all around the globe for its scare factor. The walkway is known as the most dangerous path in the world, standing more than 100 metres over the Guadalhorce River and perched unsteadil.. Read more

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