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Is this the weirdest travel attraction in the world? - Travel Travel News

There are plenty of unusual tourist spots in the world, from the eeriest Island of the Dolls in Mexico to human hair museum in Turkey. But a little-known attraction has taken the headlines as of late, and it might just take the cake: Pyramiden.Pyramiden is an abandoned .. Read more

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Sydney among the most expensive cities to spend New Year's - Sydney Travel News

Residents of Sydney may want to book a flight and get of of town for New Year's Eve. It turns out the Australian city is among the most expensive locales in the world to celebrate the end-of-year holiday.According to a report by accommodation search website Tri.. Read more

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5 weirdest travel stories of the year - Travel Travel News

Throughout 2013, there have been some truly unique headlines. We're not talking massive delays at an airport or extensive runway construction - this year has brought everything from hilarious in-flight videos to the strange things people try to bring on flights.. Read more

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What are the best bikini beaches on earth? - Surfers Paradise Travel News

The holidays are still in full swing, but that doesn't mean you can't start thinking about your summer vacation plans. That's why Expedia created a list of the top bikini beaches on earth as part of its Listopedia travel bucket list. Whether you want to show.. Read more

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Alaska Airlines cancels 24 flights due to flu virus - United States of America Travel News

Aussies taking holiday in Alaska recently or expecting visitors from the U.S. state may come across a snag in their travel plans. According to The Associated Press, the namesake carrier, Alaska Airlines, cancelled two dozen flights from Sunday through Monday, The reason.. Read more

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Swan Valley opens a new tasting centre - Perth Travel News

Aussie travellers looking to take a domestic trip to Perth don't have to look hard for a reason to visit. The capital city of Western Australia is home to a variety of attractions, such as renowned art galleries and museums, a wide array of eateries and the state mu.. Read more

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Adelaide named among best destinations for 2014 - Adelaide Travel News

As the travel industry gets ready for 2014, the world is being exposed to a slew of "best of" articles telling them what's going to be hot in the upcoming year. But perhaps one of the most renowned names in travel information, Lonely Planet, has released i.. Read more

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Pilot delays flight over sandwiches - Travel Travel News

Flight delays can be irritating and inconvenient, but, for the most part, travellers understand that there is a good reason for the wait. Sometimes equipment needs to be fixed or runways need to be cleared to ensure the safety of passengers. However, one story that'.. Read more

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An unnerving new attraction in the Alps - France Travel News

Adventurous Aussies will be excited to hear about an unusual new tourist attraction that's gaining a lot of attention for being downright scary. Situated in the Alps atop a lofty peak is "Step into the Void," a glass cube suspended in the air that welcomes.. Read more

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A peek inside the world's most luxurious airport terminal - Travel Travel News

Most travellers wait for their flights in crowded lobbies or at restaurants. But some people are a whole lot luckier - the rich and famous often get to bide their time before their planes arrive in private rooms, ritzy lounges and other upscale settings. In fact, those .. Read more

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