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The biggest do's and don'ts for international travellers - Travel Travel News

For the most part, Aussies try their best to be polite and respectful as guests in another country. But each destination around the world has its own customs and quirky nuances that give it a unique character. Sometimes, travellers do things that natives find unconventi.. Read more

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Bushfire smoke leads to Melbourne Airport delays - Melbourne Travel News

Australians are all too familiar with bushfires. The hot, dry climate can spark flames that sweep through and incinerate forests. In some ways, bushfires are essential to nature - they clear dense vegetation and spur new growth. However, they can also lead to extensive .. Read more

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Is your airplane food an offense to the senses? - Travel Travel News

Long ago, airline food used to be a delight. A flight attendant would deliver passengers satisfying meals of steak and potatoes coupled with tasty cocktails or glasses of wine. These days, eating on a plane is a much less enjoyable experience - if you get a meal at all,.. Read more

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Another ancient pyramid discovered in Egypt - Egypt Travel News

People who visit ancient attractions often feel like there's no reason to return again. After all, archaeological sites and old monuments rarely change. But travellers who've been to Egypt have a new reason to come again - a step pyramid has been discovered in t.. Read more

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There are some pretty cool jobs out there, from professional wine taster to waterslide assessors. One Australian recently scored the job of a lifetime - Tyson Mayr will be paid $100,000 to take an all-expenses-paid trip around the globe.Mayr won this opportunity th.. Read more

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Plane grounded due to mysterious scratches - Frankfurt Travel News

There are plenty of reasons why a plane would have to be grounded. Sometimes it's an unruly passenger, low fuel or equipment problem. But a recent story reveals one unusual reason for grounding a plane - scratches located on the fuselage of a aircraft .Pilots ground.. Read more

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Real-life castaway returns to land - Travel Travel News

Anyone who has seen the movie "Castaway" knows the story. A man goes on a trip only to find himself lost and alone. But this piece of fiction became reality when a Mexican fisherman washed ashore in late January after spending more than a year adrift at sea.In.. Read more

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Could dredge sludge dumping be the end of the Great Barrier Reef? - Australia Travel News

Aussie travellers don't have to go far to discover one of the world's most magnificent underwater features - the Great Barrier Reef on the northeast coast of the country is the most extensive coral reef system on earth. It has more than 400 different types of co.. Read more

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Terrified travellers jump from sinking ship - Phuket Travel News

Most travellers have fairly pleasant experiences - whether you're driving, flying or going by boat, people tend to get to their destinations without any major problems. But sometimes things go wrong, such as when a boat full of passengers in Thailand sank.On Jan. 29.. Read more

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Strange body part attractions from around the globe - Travel Travel News

Aussie travellers are always looking for the next weird thing, whether its the Island of the Dolls or a museum dedicated entirely to collecting locks of hair. So they'll be delighted to hear that News.com.au published a roundup of strange monuments from all over the.. Read more

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