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What's the deal with China's controversial new tourism campaign? - China Travel News

There have been a whole lot of weird marketing campaigns out there since the invention of the Internet, from cat-centric ads to just about anything Old Spice has ever created. For the most part, the stranger the better, since kookier advertisements tend to get more cove.. Read more

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Holiday request for #GiveGregTheHoliday goes viral - Las Vegas Travel News

When most people put in a request for a little time off at work, the best that can be hoped for is usually a confirmation email, but Greg Heaslip got much more than expected. As a 38-year-old security guard at a fashion retail organisation, Arcadia, the worker left his .. Read more

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Another US Airways flight grounded - US Airways Travel News

A flight being grounded before reaching its destination is usually explained by something simple, such as a a rowdy passenger who had too much to drink or poor weather conditions. But a recent diversion has the public baffled: a US Airways flight had to make an unexpect.. Read more

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Drunk UK travellers refused insurance payouts - Travel Travel News

There are a lot of downsides to being drunk on the plane - not only are you apt to make a scene in a crowded and confined space, but a full bladder of beer means you'll need to make more trips to the bathroom. Another big reason to stay sober aboard a flight is that.. Read more

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B-Tourist 'slingshot' gives flyers a little privacy - Travel Travel News

It can be hard to get a little privacy during air travel. From the moment you enter the airport, you're surrounded by crowds of people, and it doesn't get less claustrophobic once you board the plane. That's why the B-Tourist "slingshot" was create.. Read more

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Air Canada receives its first Dreamliner - Air Canada Travel News

Boeing has long been among the most trusted names in the airline industry for its high performance quality and innovative technology. Its 767 model was a favourite of carriers for years, but its 787 Dreamliner model introduced in 2011 soon took over. The long-range airc.. Read more

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Fitness travel flexing its muscles worldwide - Venice Travel News

Many travellers complain about the post-holiday bulge - it's common to put on a few pounds after eating a bit more decadently while on a trip. However, a growing number of travellers are combining their favourite fitness activities with their holiday planning, accor.. Read more

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Cheap gap year destinations to combat rising school fees - Adventure Travel News

The gap year before uni is something many students look forward to, but with rising fees and costs recently announced for many schools, some students are opting out of their travel plans to save a few extra dollars for their courses and tuition costs.According.. Read more

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National September 11 Memorial Museum to open May 21 - New York Travel News

After the events of 9/11 and the long process of national grieving, the U.S. took to the task of honouring the heroes and victims of one of the biggest tragedies in America's history. There was much debate over the proper way to commemorate the nearly 3,000 people w.. Read more

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Crash of Air France Flight 447 caused by human error - Air France Travel News

On June 1, 2009, Air France Flight 447 was travelling from Rio de Janeiro to Paris when it went missing over the Atlantic Ocean. The Airbus A330 craft carried 216 passengers as well as 12 crew members, none of whom survived. It took the carrier a whopping six hours afte.. Read more

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