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Another blizzard hits Australia - Australia Travel News

Skiers and snowboarders received a delightful treat last week when a huge snowstorm covered the area in a thick white layer. But the joy continues for slope-lovers as another major storm intensifies the snowy conditions.Called the "megablizzard," this sto.. Read more

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Airline employee reminisces about party ride on Virgin's first flight - Virgin Atlantic Travel News

Virgin Airline's very first flight took place June 20, 1984, when the aircraft flew from London to New York. One of the men aboard the plane that day was employee David Tait, and he celebrated the momentous day in history by penning a letter to Sir Richard Branson, .. Read more

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Snow wars: Eastern Australia beats New Zealand - Australia Travel News

Kiwis have been known for getting their grundies in a bundle when someone talks badly about their snow. Our little buddy to the south east touts itself for having the best snowfall that steals away skiers year after year. But not this time: Australia, particularly .. Read more

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The case of the missing plane ticket - Delta Travel News

The world of travel news can sometimes be a strange and mysterious place, such as with the case of the plane ticket that seemed to vanish in thin air. At least, that's what the situation seemed like to American Karen Smith, who was booked to fly home with her family.. Read more

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China's Phoenix Towers to steal title for world's tallest structure - China Travel News

The battle for the title of loftiest building has been going on since the beginning of urban planning. Right now, Dubai's Burj Khalifa takes the cake, but that's all about to change. China has a pair of skyscrapers in the works - the Phoenix Towers, which will s.. Read more

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British tourist reports ghost sighting at Alcatraz prison - San Francisco Travel News

Alcatraz prison, located in the San Francisco Bay in the United States, is known for its inhumane conditions, but the site has also become popular as one of the country's most haunted buildings. Many believe ghosts have been wandering the halls for decades.. Read more

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Man triggers airport fire alarm to stop plane from leaving him behind - British Airways Travel News

There are few things more stressful than barely missing your flight and watching the plane take off from a nearby window. Most people take the situation with grace and simply book the next one out. But one passenger was so desperate to keep his British Ai.. Read more

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Abu Dhabi to build underground park - United Arab Emirates Travel News

Abu Dhabi is among the richest cities in the world, so it's not terribly surprising that the United Arab Emirates capital is making one of the most unique and extravagant attractions in the world. The desert destination will soon be home to Al Fayah Park, an undergr.. Read more

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Bangkok lifts red light district curfew - Bangkok Travel News

On May 22, the Thai army staged a coup that led to the implementation of a curfew over Bangkok's red light district. For nearly a month, the area, formally known as Patpong, had been forced to close early - initially the curfew was set for 10 p.m., but it was g.. Read more

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Air traffic fail: Controller's joke sends plane circling airport - Delta Travel News

There's a right and a wrong time for joking around, and this is a clear case of the latter. On June 11, an air traffic controller in Georgia, U.S., was goofing around with the pilot of Delta Flight 630, but the humour went awry when it ended up causing the aircraft .. Read more

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