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Aussies with a green thumb or a curiosity for the unusual will be intrigued to hear about a unique plant on the West Coast of the U.S. The Titan Arum, or Amorphophallus titanum, has been nicknamed the "corpse flower" for its off-putting scent. The enormou.. Read more

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Is Porteno Australia's hippest restaurant? - Sydney Travel News

Aussies seeking a domestic trip with a culinary flair may want to consider heading to Surry Hills, home to the popular Porteno restaurant. As news.com.au points out, this restaurant is the top spot for celebrities visiting Australia, and it's clear why some of the w.. Read more

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Phones, tablets allowed to be turned on during flights - Qantas Airways Travel News

In the past, many travellers have felt inconvenienced by Australian laws forbidding the use of cell phones and tablets during flights. Others have found relief in the implementation of such safety measures. But all that's about to change for Qantas and Virgin Austra.. Read more

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Aussie wins Mongol Derby - Australia Travel News

Each year, dozens gather to test their endurance in the longest, toughest horse race in the world. In 2014, the race entered its 6th year, daring racers to cover more than 1,000 kilometres in 10 days. This year, more than 30 riders competed, but an Aussie took the top s.. Read more

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Have you ever wanted to spend the night at IKEA? - Australia Travel News

Many people have dreamt of plopping down on an IKEA bed and snoozing away, whether it's out of love for their quirky furniture or pure fatigue from hours of making your way through the multi-level maze. Now, Aussie's have the rare the chance to sleep over a.. Read more

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'Chinese Disneyland' set to open in Australia - Sydney Travel News

A $500 million "Chinese Disneyland" may soon arrive in Australia. According to the Daily Mail, the new amusement park is called Chappypie China Time and is slated to be built on an already approved lot of land on the New South Wales Central Coast in Warnervale.. Read more

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Honeymooners return from trip to find home covered in sticky notes - England Travel News

Asking a friend to look after your pet while you're away on holiday can be a sticky situation, and a recent story of two honeymooners is proof of this.Newlyweds Jamie and Emily Pharro spent their week-long honeymoon in Lake Garda, Italy. The British couple asked a f.. Read more

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World's most-pierced man denied airport entry - Dubai Travel News

Rolf Buchholz is famous around the globe for having more piercings than any other person in the world. The 53-year-old German has 453 piercings, including 278 around his genitals and 58 surrounding his lips. The Guinness World Record winner puts on unique performan.. Read more

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Flybe pilot loses prosthetic arm during flight -  Travel News

Travellers experienced a scary and unusual situation when their pilot's prosthetic arm came off in the middle of a flight. According to news.com.au, the Flybe flight was travelling from Birmingham, U.K. to Belfast City Airport when the captain's arm fell off, st.. Read more

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Australia man wins first flight to space aboard Virgin Galactic - Virgin Atlantic Travel News

When Virgin Australia announced in 2008 that it would offer suborbital space flights on its Virgin Galactic branch, countless people came forward requesting spots on the innovative aircraft. To determine who would be aboard the inaugural flight, the carrier held a conte.. Read more

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