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What it's like to fly aboard Air Force One - Travel Travel News

In May 2014, President Barack Obama made his milestone 1,000th trip aboard Air Force One. It may just be another routine day for the leader of the free world, but to most of earth's population, it's an inconceivable experience. Only the most important names in t.. Read more

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A rare peek into North Korea's airline - Travel Travel News

North Korea may not be the world's most favoured country, and the same can be said of its national carrier, Air Koryo. The airline is widely known as the worst in the world, and it's the only one to have a one-star rating on popular travel site Skytrax. But what.. Read more

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Exploring Girona, Spain's most mysterious city - Spain Travel News

Spain is well known as a city of romance and intrigue, and its most alluring city might just be Girona. This metropolis is located in the northeastern portion of Spain near the French border along the Costa Brava, situated at the confluence of four rivers. Though much s.. Read more

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America's top ghost towns - Travel Travel News

With October in full swing and the Halloween spirit in the air, it's time to decide upon a retreat for your All Hallow's Eve holiday. America has a reputation for embracing this spooky occasion in a way unlike any other nation. And though the United States may b.. Read more

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4 tips for the Paris traveller - Paris Travel News

Paris is one of the most well-travelled destinations in the world, drawing in visitors with its renowned art museums, exquisite cuisine and famed Eiffel Tower. But it also has one of the most peculiar cultures of all the major European cities, known for rudeness and an .. Read more

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Sweet finds: the world's most expensive cupcake - Dubai Travel News

If you have a sweet tooth and an extra $1,134 to spare, make your way to Dubai to taste the most expensive cupcake on earth.The United Arab Emirates is home to the Bloomsbury's Boutique Cafe & Artisan Bakery, which cooks up the "Golden Phoenix." This p.. Read more

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Evil clowns are stalking the streets of Southern California - Los Angeles Travel News

Just in time for Halloween, Southern California is welcoming a few delightfully sinister characters to its streets: evil murder clowns. The faint of heart may shrink away in terror, but Aussies with a sense of humor and an interest in the eerie should make their way to .. Read more

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Eiffel Tower gets a new glass floor - Paris Travel News

By far France's most popular attraction, the Eiffel Tower welcomes some 7 million visitors per year, and 2014 is expected to see record-breaking numbers as the Parisian structure celebrates its 125th anniversary. And there's a whole new feature to the Eiffel tha.. Read more

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3 reasons to visit Oman - United Arab Emirates Travel News

Many travellers make their way to the increasingly popular United Arab Emirates for their Persian Gulf holidays, mainly for its ritzy hotels and flashy attractions. However, Oman to the east has a much less swanky tourism industry, but is still a delightful destination .. Read more

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Exploring the oddities of Phuket's Vegetarian Festival - Phuket Travel News

The Vegetarian Festival may sound like a wholesome event, but the Phuket, Thailand, celebration is nothing short of freakish. Outsiders may be put off and even grossed out by the extreme body piercing that is the main highlight of the fest, but to the people of Thailand.. Read more

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