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The best jobs for people who love to travel - Adventure Travel News

It can be difficult to find enough vacation days to satisfy our wanderlust for even the most dedicated travellers out there. We can plan for a couple big trips each year, but what if we want to travel every month? Every week? Well fear not - when there's a will, the.. Read more

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6 awesome trips you should take in your 20s - Adventure Travel News

Ask people​ older than 35 what advice they'd give someone in their 20s, and it's almost flawlessly consistent. Be as adventurous as possible, they say. Live large. Take risks. Explore. While that can certainly be done right here at home (and we would recomm.. Read more

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Owl cafes are the new cat cafes - Tokyo Travel News

Have you ever wanted to spend time at a cafe, sipping on coffee and holding a great horned owl? Yeah. Us too. Luckily, now we all can - at one of the little owl cafes in Japan. One of the most notable is one in Tokyo called Fukuro no Mise, or "the Shop of Owls.&quo.. Read more

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The world's best breweries -  Travel News

Many people have made pilgrimages to Italy, California and South Australia to visit the best wineries in the world, but a new player is emerging in the game of sips: craft beer. There are award-winning breweries all over the world, but a few stand out among the rest. Th.. Read more

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8 books to read before your next vacation - Adventure Travel News

You've got your next adventure booked, your packing list detailed down to your toenail clippers and your suitcase ready and waiting to be packed. What else can you do to whittle away at the time before your next trip? Read a book that will make you infinitely more e.. Read more

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9 reasons you should take a vacation - Travel Travel News

If you were to ask everyone in a room full of ten people if they liked vacations, it's very likely that all would say yes. If you asked those same ten people if they frequently take them, we imagine only 3 or 4 would raise their hands. We all love to travel and get .. Read more

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The world's first animal terminal is underway in New York City - Flights Travel News

There's now an airport for pets, folks. Well, an airport that includes a full-service pet facility, at least. John F. Kennedy Airport, located in New York City, is developing the world's first animal terminal - and it's expected to make its official ope.. Read more

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The world's best pizza cities - Food & Wine Travel News

Pizza is frequently described as the world's most perfect food. It's satisfyingly starchy, on the one hand – the crust can be paper thin and crispy, pliant and chewy, or thick enough to necessitate the use of a fork and knife. Sometimes it's accompanie.. Read more

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9 surprise items you need to bring on your next cruise - Beach & Islands Travel News

Cruise ships are spectacular, magical places; essentially floating all-inclusive resorts, they emulate the nautical and the luxurious at the same time. On-ship casinos sit next to observation decks, while water slides adorn the uppermost deck like a misshapen crown. You.. Read more

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The greatest food cities in the U.S. - Food & Wine Travel News

There are many great reasons to take a vacation, but we can think of few as spectacular - not to mention memorable - as food. While nearly every country in the world has a dish it's renowned for, perhaps no country has such a diverse (and lengthy) selection as the U.. Read more

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