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Poutine pride: The definitive guide to Canada's favorite snack - Montreal Travel News

To say that poutine is a popular food in Canada would be putting it mildly. It's the food you'll see late-night bar-hoppers munching on after a long night out or picking up to eat for a snack while they're walking around downtown. It's a high-calori.. Read more

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Don't let jet lag leave you lazy - Flights Travel News

Jet lag feels sort of like being drunk and angry at the same time. It's such a prevalent part of long-distance travel that many people surrender their entire first day of vacation to it, spending the time holed up in their hotel rooms munching on room service waffle.. Read more

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The best bites in Belgium - Food & Wine Travel News

There are some locations people visit largely to sample the food, and Belgium is a country that certainly makes that list. It's not to say that there aren't plenty of other wonderful reasons to visit this European country - Brussels calls itself the "capita.. Read more

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How to do Thailand in your 20s - Bangkok Travel News

Thailand is so many things at once: exotic, tropical, affordable, relaxing and adventuresome. You'll find it near the top of every places-you-should-go list for young adults, and we wholeheartedly agree with them. When you're young, there are few places more per.. Read more

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7 tips for planning the best honeymoon of all time - Beach & Islands Travel News

Getting married is one of the most exciting times in your life, and planning the festivities is both the most fun and most stressful thing you will likely ever do. There's picking out your maid of honor (or best man), choosing a venue, picking a color palette, and d.. Read more

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15 reasons you should learn to surf (if you haven't already) - Adventure Travel News

Surfing is one of the most enviable activities on the planet. Most people who surf seem effortlessly cool and relaxed, not to mention extremely fit (and tan). There's a good reason surfing has the reputation it does, but many of us haven't learned how to do it y.. Read more

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Get out of debt - and travel the world - Adventure Travel News

One of the greatest misconceptions about travel is that you have to be super wealthy to afford it. Travelling is something that can be adjusted to fit any budget and any lifestyle, no matter your age or income.It does bring us to one unfortunate truth, though: You do ne.. Read more

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7 tips for exploring a new city -  Travel News

Is there anything more exciting than exploring a brand new city? We're a little biased, but we think not. Travelling is adventure unlike any other, and from the gorgeous landscape to the new culture and incredibly local grub, arriving at your destination can be almo.. Read more

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In Mexico City, you can now buy subway tickets with exercise - Travel Travel News

Mexico City has found an innovative way to tackle obesity, taking a cue from an incentive used in Russia and Dubai. It goes a little something like this: Stop by a subway station, perform ten squats, and receive a free ride. Who monitors these squat dollars, you as.. Read more

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The best jobs for people who love to travel - Adventure Travel News

It can be difficult to find enough vacation days to satisfy our wanderlust for even the most dedicated travellers out there. We can plan for a couple big trips each year, but what if we want to travel every month? Every week? Well fear not - when there's a will, the.. Read more

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