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A Solo Trip to Bali - Kuta Travel News

Since the almost-viral circulation of the book "Eat, Pray, Love," Bali has a been a hot destination - particularly for solo female travelers. We can certainly see why, even beyond the life-changing experiences and rich culture that Elizabeth Gilbert illustrate.. Read more

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The best places in the world to see penguins - Adventure Travel News

Ahh, penguins. Are there any other animals on the planet that are so well-loved? (Besides cats, of course.) These little creatures are immensely popular for an animal that's so hard to find. From books to movies, documentaries, stuffed animals and mascots, penguins .. Read more

Read more about : Adventure, Phillip Island, Cape Town

The spirited history of Caribbean rum - Beach & Islands Travel News

Captain Jack Sparrow summarized how we all feel when we've reached the bottom of a drink perfectly when he said, "But why is the rum gone?" There are endless varieties of rum, and each island in the Caribbean produces one with a flavor all its own. Strictl.. Read more

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How to save money for your next holiday - Adventure Travel News

Student loans, credit card debt, weekly bills and car payments: all things that make saving for a big vacation seem impossible. We've said it before and we'll say it again, though - anyone can travel, no matter how much money is in the bank. It's all about f.. Read more

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10 reasons to visit Dubai this year - Dubai Travel News

Have you thought about taking a beach vacation this year? How about a trip to an urban metropolis, or an adventure out in an Arabian desert? Well, there's a city in the United Arab Emirates that has all three. Dubai is an up-and-coming Middle Eastern city known in p.. Read more

Read more about : United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Beyond Pangaea: The Galapagos Islands - Beach & Islands Travel News

If you're familiar with the name Charles Darwin, you're probably familiar with the Galapagos Islands. The site of his most famous studies on natural selection (and one of the most groundbreaking discoveries in scientific history), this archipelago is unlike any .. Read more

Read more about : Beach & Islands, Adventure, World heritage

Harry Potter locations of the U.K. - London Travel News

Millions of the people fell in love with Harry Potter's wizarding world during the decade of the book's filming - and many lament not being able to step through the tall, wooden doors of Hogwarts themselves. While locations like Diagon Alley and and the Great Ha.. Read more

Read more about : England, London

10 reasons to have a destination wedding -  Travel News

Many brides and grooms fantasize about throwing a destination wedding, but feel that they aren't completely viable. Aren't they a little too luxurious for the average couple? How on earth will you narrow the guest list down enough to get everyone out to an exoti.. Read more

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How to plan the perfect holiday with friends - Adventure Travel News

So you and your mates want to go on an epic vacation together, huh? We can't blame you - going on holiday with friends is one of the most fun, unforgettable experiences you'll have in your life. Between the destination, the time of year, the number of .. Read more

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American food 101: Iconic dishes to eat while you're in the U.S. - Food & Wine Travel News

The U.S is a vast and diverse place, as shown by its impressive collection of National Parks, regional accents and varying cuisines. It's also a country known worldwide for its penchant for indulging in said cuisine, and we can't really blame them - the foo.. Read more

Read more about : United States of America, Food & Wine, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Monica, West Hollywood

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