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Tokyo to introduce Samurai & Ninja Safari tour - Tokyo Travel News

It's every Mortal Kombat lover's dream: a tour that lets you experience ninja and samurai fights first-hand. The biggest travel agency in Tokyo, JTB, in partnership with event-planning firm SGRS, have developed the Samurai & Ninja Safari bus tour, which is s.. Read more

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Wellesley Hotel guest receives $135 water bill - London Travel News

Many frequent traveller​s have been guilty of racking up charges on their bill, whether it's due to late night movies or drinks from the mini-bar. But one man was greatly surprised when he was presented with a $135 bill for the most basic of needs - water... Read more

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North Korea to build underwater hotel - Hotels Travel News

There's been a bit of a competition to build underwater hotels, a task that has presented a problem for resort developers around the globe. Now an unlikely candidate seems to be ahead of the race: North Korea has plans to erect a luxury underwater hotel as part of a.. Read more

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Malaysia Airlines to rebrand, take on new name - Malaysia Airlines Travel News

After the loss of an aircraft full of passengers and the unsolved mystery of flight MH370's location following the crash back in March, Malaysia Airlines had a lot of work ahead to recover its reputation. Now, since the crash of flight MH17 in Ukraine in J.. Read more

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Bay of Exploits iceberg collapses, frightens tourists with massive wave - Canada Travel News

A Canadian couple were boating across the Bay of Exploits in Newfoundland when they experienced one of the most frightening moments of their lives.Wanda and Rick Stead were watching as an arch-shaped iceberg began to collapse nearby. They started recording the breathtak.. Read more

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French reach Air Algerie crash site - Flights Travel News

A day after an Air Algerie plane crashed over Mali, French forces were able to secure the site on July 25. According to CNN, there were no survivors from the accident, but officials recovered one of the plane's black boxes.Wreckage from the plane indicated that it d.. Read more

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Air Algerie plane crashes in Mali - Flights Travel News

An Air Algerie plane bound for Algiers crashed over northeastern Mali on July 24. According to USA Today, the aircraft was en route from Burkina Faso with 116 people onboard, including all passengers and crew members, when it initially disappeared from radar. Hours.. Read more

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Boeing introduces higher capacity 737 model - Travel Travel News

One of the biggest complaints from travellers is a lack of space - little legroom, narrow aisles and cramped seats. But passengers may lose even more space when the Boeing rolls out its new model, the 737-8MAX, which will squeeze even more people onto the aircraft.On Ju.. Read more

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Australian experts join MH17 investigation team - Malaysia Airlines Travel News

Since the tragic crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, the world has been desperately trying to figure out just what - or rather who - caused the plane to go down, killing 298 people. It has been confirmed that a surface-to-air missile struck the plane before it came .. Read more

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Reporter apologises for going through MH17 luggage -  Travel News

The world has been grieving since Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed to the ground on July 17, 2014, taking the lives of 283 passengers and 15 crew members. But some people have been less than respectful of those lost during this tragedy. Sky News reporter Colin Braz.. Read more

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