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The world's weirdest laws - Travel Travel News

There are some regulations every Aussie must know when visiting an unfamiliar destination, like what side of the road to drive on and if it's illegal to smoke in public spaces. Laws are set in place to keep people safe, but sometimes outdated and downright kooky one.. Read more

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Is Arnhem Land myth or reality? - Australia Travel News

To many Australians, Arnhem Land is a place of fantasy. In fact, as Tourism NT reports, nearly 10 percent of Aussies believe that it is a mythical location made up in a children's book. The Northern Territory region has such a deep and intriguing role in history tha.. Read more

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Art Institute of Chicago named best museum in the world - Chicago Travel News

As a world-class city, Chicago is home to a stunning array of historical and cultural institutions, from the Field Museum to the Museum of Science and Industry. These establishments are filled with once-lost treasures and some of the most beautiful and intricate creatio.. Read more

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Touring the ghost towns of Australia - Australia Travel News

Australia is home to a plethora of thriving and bustling cities, from Brisbane to Sydney, and for hundreds of years the country has been filled with a multitude of prosperous towns. But some didn't make it, and instead of continuing to flourish, they dwindled i.. Read more

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Are sensory isolation helmets the next big thing in travel technology? - Travel Travel News

The amount of per-passenger space continues to decline as airlines pack more people onto each flight, and as a result there have been a growing number of incidents and arguments among uncomfortable flyers. Aircraft manufacturing company Airbus has come up with an i.. Read more

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Virgin-Delta partnership means one-ticket flights from Australia to Mexico - Delta Travel News

In the past, Australians often had to transfer to a second airline in order to get to Mexico, but those wanting to visit the North American destination will now have an easier time travelling. That's because Virgin Australia and Delta Airlines have expanded their pa.. Read more

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AdventureHoney CEO travels from Seattle to San Francisco on $3 per day - San Francisco Travel News

Travelling on a budget is nothing new, and people all over the world seek out great deals on airfare, hotel rates and other holiday necessities every day. But one man is taking things to the extreme: Chris Ball, CEO of adventure travel company AdventureHoney, is biking .. Read more

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Dubai's second airport will be the world's largest - Dubai Travel News

Dubai International is one of the busiest airports in the world, serving as home to Emirates Airlines and a hub to the Middle East. But the United Arab Emirates city is taking things a step further: The ruler of Dubai has approved a $32 billion expansion plan for Al Mak.. Read more

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The world's weirdest drinking customs - Travel Travel News

Drinking is a part of almost every culture. The French have mastered wine, Germans lead the beer world and Poland is known for producing the best vodkas in the world. And every nation has its own ways of drinking their libations. Check out some of these unusual drinking.. Read more

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World's weirdest beauty treatments - Travel Travel News

Aussies are into weird attractions - a notion evident by our collection of massive koalas, huge lizards and other "big things." So those with a love for spa vacations will be excited that news.com.au compiled a list of the weirdest beauty treatments in the wor.. Read more

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