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An amateur's guide to cheese rolling - Canada Travel News

When you ask people which internationally acclaimed festivals they most want to participate in, they probably say cheese rolling, right? No? This extreme sport (and believe us, it's extreme) differs from the the cave diving and heliskiing you see on TV, but it's.. Read more

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Travelling with diabetes: How to stay healthy and happy - Adventure Travel News

Skiing the Alps, surfing a secluded beach in Thailand, sampling the wood-fired pizza of Naples: All things many people (including us) long to do in their lifetimes. Some folks, however, feel they are too limited by medical conditions to do any of these things alongside .. Read more

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Make the most of Raleigh - United States of America Travel News

For many businesses, trips to North Carolina are becoming more frequent. The rise of the RDU Industrial Triangle in the central part of the state is leading travellers  from all over the globe to what was once merely a spring tourist destination. If your trave.. Read more

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Everything you need to know about getting scuba certified - Beach & Islands Travel News

Many people have travel bucket lists, and you'll find scuba diving on quite a few of them. The problem? Most people have no idea what adding "certified scuba diver" to their repertoire entails, and whether it's really a viable goal. And you know how it.. Read more

Read more about : Australia, Beach & Islands, Adventure

The wise traveller's guide to the neighborhoods of Manhattan - New York Travel News

New York City is one of the most popular sprawls of urban landscape in the world, home to 8.4 million residents and nearly 60 million annual visitors - an amazing feat, when you consider its relatively diminutive size. Truth be told, Manhattan is only three miles wide a.. Read more

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Rio Carnaval: The dictionary - Rio De Janeiro Travel News

You've probably heard many a story about the famed Carnaval festival in Brazil, but you might not have considered actually attending it. We understand - its mystique (and sheer popularity) makes it seem like attending yourself is too complicated or costly, but that&.. Read more

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How to do Disney World as an adult - Adventure Travel News

Disney World is a location that ends up on bucket lists all over the world. It's evident when you step foot on the grounds - you'll meet people from more countries than you can count on both hands, all of whom have traversed the globe to see what the fuss is abo.. Read more

Read more about : United States of America, Adventure, Orlando

The world's coolest ice bars - Delhi Travel News

If you've seen the James Bond movie "Die Another Day," you've probably seen the fabulous ice palace Bond himself sipped drinks at. And you've probably thought the experience was limited to big budget blockbusters - not at all in the realm of possib.. Read more

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Following the pizza trail: A guide to planet Earth's favorite dish - Food & Wine Travel News

For all its popularity, pizza has an elusive history. Perhaps Passion-4-Pizza describes this worldwide favorite best as "some kind of flat bread with stuff on it." That said, it's pretty difficult to trace its exact origins. Some say it's a d.. Read more

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The most epic travel tattoo ideas ever - Adventure Travel News

Tattoos get more popular every day - for many, they serve as an important way to commemorate the people, places and things we love. While some people dedicate the free space on their bodies to things like pizza, we've seen our fair share of travel tattoos as we.. Read more

Read more about : Adventure, Scenic Beauty, World heritage

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