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Expedia Holiday Bundles. Combine a flight & hotel and save

Expedia Holiday Bundles
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    Expedia Holiday Bundles give you the freedom to choose from over 510,000 already discounted hotels and over 400 airlines so that you can plan and book the Holiday Bundle Packages you want. And by booking your flight and hotel together, you also save money. To find out how you can design your own Holiday Bundle Package and save, watch the video above. Then when you're ready, check out our Holiday Bundle Packages ideas to get you started on designing that dream trip you've always wanted.
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    What is a Holiday Bundle Package?

    A Holiday Bundle Package combines hotels with flights and/or rental cars into one price. By combining your transportation and hotel booking, you can save on the total price of your travel while still... Read More

    How do I choose a different flight
    for my Holiday Bundle Package?

    When your Holiday Bundle Package includes a flight, we initially select it for you. The details of this flight, including flight times and the airline, are provided at the top of the Search results page. A... Read More

    How can I travel between destinations in my Holiday Bundle Package?

    When booking a two-destination Holiday Bundle Package, you are asked how you plan on Traveling between destinations . You can choose between "I need a flight" and "I will find other transportation." You can... Read More

    Do Holiday Bundle Packages require a minimum stay?

    No, there is no minimum stay required on Holiday Bundle Packages. Read More

    Tips for finding good deals when shopping for Holiday Bundle Packages

    Holiday Bundle Packages offer low prices by combining components,such as flights and hotels. Here are some ways to keep costs down even more. Include a Saturday night stay. Many hotels and airlines offer... Read More

    How do I add activities to an existing flight, hotel, or Holiday Bundle Package?

    If you have already reserved your flight, hotel, or Holiday Bundle Package, but want to add activities to your itinerary, you have three options: You may access your itinerary via the My Itineraries link... Read More

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